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APRIL 2014

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  Key Dates
  1 Sun square Jupiter
  2 Sun conjunct Uranus
Mercury trine Saturn
  3 Sun square Pluto
  5 Venus enters Pisces
  7 Mercury enters Aries
11 Venus conjunct Neptune
14 Pluto retrograde
15 Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Aries/Libra
17 Venus trine Jupiter
19 Sun enters Taurus
20 Jupiter opposite Pluto
21 Uranus square Pluto
23 Grand Cardinal Cross
Mercury enters Taurus
25 Sun conjunct Mercury
29 Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus

The Great Fracturing

Not for a long time has one month been the source of so much astrological attention, conjecture and frenzy as April 2014.And that's actually all it is- simple conjecture.Yes,there are two eclipses bracketing the 5th of 7 Pluto/Uranus Squares plus a Cardinal Grand Cross and yes,this Grand Cross is a rare  event.But keep in mind that we've all experienced a string of 4 Pluto/Uranus Squares from 2012 onwards plus several Grand Crosses,not to mention the fear,doubt and uncertainty around  December 21st 2012 -and we're still here!
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The month starts wth a bang on an Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus then sees the Sun square Pluto,raising the stakes,personally and collectively.On April 7th Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in Aries increasing impulsivenes,hairtrigger responses and a healthy dose of narcissism.Hours before the Solar eclipse on April 15th Pluto turns retrograde and the staionary storm two days either side will bring everything connected with a survival mentality to the fore : money, career, relationships, self-esteem..justThe Full Moon eclipse falls across 25 degrees Aries/Libra and will bring something started at October 18th 2013's elipse to a critical turning point.
Then begins a very intense period of pressure between 21st-29th April.Mark the days around 21st-24th April  in your schedule when the archetypes of power,freedom,wisdom and action all push/pull you in different directions.Find where 11-16 degrees of Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn are in your birth chart and which areas of yourlife they symbolise.These hot spots are being woken up by the Gods of Change in no uncertain terms.
The month ends with a whoosh of energy on April 29th with a New Moon eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus when you'll be able to grasp then anchor the changes you want to implement from the turmoil of April.

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