14 - 21 January 2018

(23 September -  22 October)

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January 2018 5D Astrology Report : Close Encounters with Reality
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Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn is not business as usual-there are 7 (!) planets in Saturn’s sign and they mean a reality check. 2018 starts here and you need to be alert for messages about how you can work with the coming shifts, not against them. This is when the rubber hits the road. As a Libran it activates the deepest part of your chart- your family, home, physical surroundings and your emotional sense of belonging. It’s time for a radical overhaul- a reinvention of how you live and who you live with. There are things to be said, discussed and elephants under the carpet that can no longer be tiptoed around.

Creating strong foundations.

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