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21 - 28 May 2017

     21 May - Mercury exits shadow
25 May - New Moon 4 Gemini
              Venus square Pluto
28 May - Sun square Nessus

An Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object

This is a rare week with very few big aspects but the New Moon in Gemini ensures that it will be fast paced, bringing gossip and behind the scenes dealings into the news. Adding undertones of high stakes meetings and outcomes, Venus squares Pluto. Mercury ruler of Gemini exits his retrograde shadow on Sunday 21st May after an 8 week Mercury storm and picks up speed .So too does Venus in Aries approaching the Awakeners Uranus and Eris.

However the strongest aspect is Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius as both of them align to the Nodes of Fate. Expect roadblocks, delays and a degree of frustration in making headway with your plans.

Sol and Luna at 4 degrees Gemini square the Nodes of Fate in Leo/Aquarius suggesting that something karmic or destined is emerging. The Nodes are aspected by Saturn, Eris, Uranus, Haumea, Chiron, Pholus and Saturn and are on the exact degree of the upcoming August 21st Solar eclipse aka the Great American eclipse. The clues are obvious about where these events might play themselves out. Donald Trump’s Ascendant is at this degree and transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Moon.

The Chandra Symbol for Gemini 4: An island just visible off the coast
Recognising the unknown element and making room for it to emerge in its own rhythm, pattern, and meaning. Giving expression to that which nobody has yet come to. Moving out in awareness and sense all kinds of alternatives, parallel worlds, cosmic streams and wild, utopian visions. Preoccupied and absorbed with something arising which needs to be attended to by those who are tuned into these things. Keenly sensing the difference it could make. Allowing for the aspect of existence which most of us prefer to leave out there in the far distance or speculation, improbable, not really part of what we all know as real and accessible. Working that far flung territory, conceiving the inconceivable, being fertilised by futures which others deny or cannot yet open toward. Alive with the x-factor, on to something. Ingenuity, antennae wide open, given to eccentric and bizarre tangents. Needing to try it all on for size. Wearing out a thousand variations. Trying to steer clear of the jaded attitude that this can breed. Sparking once again at key junctures of collective opening. Visionary riding the wave homeward. The despair of regular folk and rational forces.

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