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17 - 24 September 2017

     17 September - Venus trine Galactic Centre
                       Venus square Sedna
                                             Venus on 28° Leo eclipse degree
18 September - Venus trine Uranus
19 September - Venus into Virgo
                                           Venus conjunct Regulus
                                                 Sun square Galactic Centre
                                      Sun opposite Chiron
                             Sun trine Sedna
20 September - New Moon 27° Virgo
                               Haumea opposite Eris
21 September - Mercury square Great Attractor
22 September - Equinox
                                             Sun enters Libra

                                                 Mercury trine Pluto
24 September - Mars opposes Neptune


The Trinity Star Gate

We are approaching the 2nd of the Trinity of Star Gates which are re-aligning our reality moment by moment:

Aug 21 Solar eclipse-------------September 22-23 Equinox-----------------December 21st Solstice
Star Gate 1---------------------------------Star Gate 2--------------------------------------Star Gate 3

These Star Gates are conduits for intensifying 5D frequencies direct from Source. This is an ongoing Solar Re-write on a stellar, planetary and incarnate level. At the eclipse in Leo ,Solaris aka the Sun altered its prismatic effect, which is changing the way its form is projected on to planet Earth. Witness the intense solar flares and CMEs which are changing our physicality through magnetic radiation rattling our nervous systems. The photonic density is palpable.  Embodiment is key to a collective experience of higher timelines and we are fully supported by these cosmic events to create this en masse.

As the week begins, a re-activation of the 28 Leo eclipse degree by Venus –following in the footsteps of Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury - signals the closing of the eclipse rabbit hole and the ultimate realignment and upgrade of the lower body system. The Lower Self is synthesizing with the Higher Self and permanently disconnecting us from our individual lower time-lines. There’s no going back. As they say the past is another country.

Just before the Equinox passage, on Wednesday 19th a New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo aligns with the Galactic Centre, Uranus, Chiron, Sedna and Quaoar. This is all about working consciously with the new embodiment process, aligning with the incoming energies, re-framing physical changes not as symptoms of something wrong with you but as evidence of a new template. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Jalaluddin Rumi

On Friday 22nd during the September Equinox the Sun crosses the Super Galactic Centre into Libra. The Super Galactic Centre lies at 1-2 degrees Libra bringing the gift of New Data direct from the Noosphere.
The SGC is a mysterious superstructure of the Universe; not a fixed star, but an incredible whirlpool of cosmic materials. It is the very centre of the known and observable Universe as seen from the Earth. This powerful black hole devours everything in sight and has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, an impossibly large concentration of matter, energy, light, and power.
The SGC channels a profound healing energy direct from Source. As Philipp Sedgewick describes it:
“This black hole asks that you perceive your own energy and fuse it with your physical-cellular structure. This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Centre is the greatest channel for soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when?”

The Chandra Symbol for SGC LIBRA 2 "An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake.
Being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, the most huge elation and bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Virtually spun out to infinity by what it all means. Drawn toward the basic and the simple for breath. Destiny obsessed. You come out the other side either lost and confused and staggered, or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of shared possibilities unlimited.“

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