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26 March - 2 April2017

26 March - Mercury conjunct Uranus
27 March - New Moon 7° Aries
29 March - Mercury trine Saturn
30 March - Jupiter square Pluto
31 March - Mercury enters Taurus
2 April - Venus enters Pisces

Boom or Bust

Monday’s New Moon at 7 degrees Aries rings in the astrological New Year. Sun and Moon are conjunct retrograde Venus opposite Makemake on the Super Galactic Centre. Makemake is the archetype of shock and surprise – the unexpected. Up to now, before the expansion of our solar system, that’s been the exclusive role of threshold planet Uranus. If you think about, isn’t Uranus the mainstream universal mind? But what about those ideas that lie beyond the mainstream? If Uranus is physics, Makemake is literally quantum physics and sitting on the SGC can access data directly from the noosphere. Makemake seems to facilitate a new birth in consciousness, a new way of life that is entirely outside our existing paradigms. The transiting Node of Fate is trine Saturn on the Galactic Centre at the very end of its 18 month trip through Virgo suggesting a house clean personally and politically - emotionally, mentally and physically - is in order.

As Jupiter the Light Bearer and Hierophant squares Pluto for the second time and Mercury conjuncts Uranus there’s a distinct atmosphere of boom or bust, of blowing hot then cold, of gilding the lily, talking things up. Next week when Saturn turns retrograde until August 26th overblown fantasies or promises will come down to earth with a crash. This pretty much describes what’s happening in the White House……..

A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.
Two completely separate identities can be lived at once. What is foremost is to be mentally prepared, vigilantly watchful and intent upon moving straight on and not looking back. Your alter-ego, your double, your nemesis, shadow and friend is seeing life through the rear view mirror, completely enwrapped in the diametrically opposite world to the one consciously pursued. Living along this edge hones the sensibility, clarifies things immensely--if ever both ends are claimed, and given their due. It is a challenge and an adventure a karmic crossroads with immense struggle and conflict and power. It contains a deep-down gnawing hunger for resolution and reconciliation and integration, so elusive, so unattainable, and yet so needed and sought in the destiny -reckoning that refuses to stay split, whatever it will take to fuse the bipolar visions into unity.

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