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18 - 25 March 2018

   20 March - Equinox
                                      Sun enters Aries
                                                     Mercury conjunct Venus
21 March - Mars conjunct Quaoar
22 March -  Mercury RX 16° Aries
23 March - Venus square Pluto
24 March - Sun square Mars
25 March - Venus conjunct Eris

A Reality Check

It might be the Aries Equinox when the Sun returns to the first sign and the astrological New Year begins but this year the usual great blast of motivation and energy is tempered by a series of reality checks. Mercury is at his most tricksterish all week as he slows to retrograde on Thursday 22nd at 16 Aries at odds with both Pluto and Saturn. Mars now in sober Capricorn squares the Aries Sun and approaches a conjunction with Saturn. There’s no cutting corners under these alignments - check and double check information and expect roadblocks or glitches. As predicted in my 2018 Forecast it’s time for:-
  • Continuous reality checks
  • Reckoning, testing and accountability
  • Truth dealing + radical honesty
  • Conscious contracting
  • An intensifying frequency of embodiment 

Chandra Symbol ARIES 1 
A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring. 

" Objective Earth existence embraced with a fury. Identifying yourself completely with physical capability, external results, and quantifiable criteria on all fronts. You willfully submerge yourself in the brute facts and the bare phenomena. There is a virtue in this approach. You become ready and quite able to do what is asked or needed and to put nothing in the way of each next thing happening, right on schedule. You actually become a hardy vessel for strong Earth usage. It is a form of penance or probation for past excesses, now gravitating toward the straight and narrow and trying to get certain things straight for a brand new start. It is the initial phase, the radically new cycle taken up with a passion, with an omnivorous appetite for things to do, problems to solve, worlds to streamline. Tremendous for activating will; intended for nothing else."

Mercury will be retrograde until April 14th in alignment with sober Saturn - it’s not a time for superficiality but time to know what you stand for and stand by. Time to be congruent and walk your talk. Once Mercury goes direct in mid-April, Saturn and Pluto will go retrograde.  Saturn will remain retrograde from April 17th until September 6th and Pluto will remain retrograde from April 22nd until September 30th.  As Mercury turns direct, Chiron returns to Aries for the first time since 1968, beginning a re-patterning at the level of personal accountability. 
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