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15 - 22 July 2018

15 July - Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pluto
16 July - Sun square Eris
                         Sun square Haumea
18 July - Mars conjunct South Node of Fate
20 July - Eris stations RX
                                           Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith
22 July - Sun enters Leo

The Smoky Mirror

All week the slipstream of July 13th’s Solar eclipse merges into the seismic window of the approaching July 27th Lunar eclipse. The psychic seeding and physical fallout from last week’s eclipse will ripple out for at least 6 months and the cosmic dust has not yet settled. In this rare triple eclipse tunnel of July 13+July 27+August 11 with 6 (!) retrograde planets nothing can be understood, only experienced through the body and the high heart. Shamans would describe it best as the time of the Smoky Mirror. You are invited to see beyond your own self to the mystery of how things come together and how they fall apart without any obvious causality.

The Chandra Symbol for Mars/South Node of Fate Aquarius 6 
“There’s something we can’t know. We really only are given one side of the picture. But then there is the other side. The invisible, the intangible, the part barely glimpsed. This is strong by it’s absence and calls to us when we are most distracted away from it. And gradually it becomes the main thing going on. We become spacious, empty, open. We let the world flow through us. It is no longer our business to make sure it fits a pattern, it flows with expectation. All we can do is let it through gracefully and see what happens next. But the main thing becomes to let there be room for the missing element, for the unknown, for the stranger. We are called into the sensibility of letting be. And this is just as full a job as any. Getting out of the way, offering light and compassionate presence, we are the chalice for spirit to find its way afresh into this world. The less we know about it, the better. Our part is to allow, to respond, to be there as the mystery unfolds. We do find that going against is no longer a motivating spark. We do break through to the place where embracing all that is, is natural and inevitable. And we do at last realise that we have been stripped of who we thought we were, to be gifted with somebody else here, a quiet companion.”

Today Black Moon Lilith-Hecate’s ghost Moon - begins a new cycle with Pluto reactivating last Thursday’s eclipse point. The Mars RX/South Node of Fate conjunction on Thursday 18th right on the degree of July 27th’s lunar eclipse is a way marker in an intense 2 months of karmic reckoning, confrontation, purging, releasing, and letting go. Whenever Kali is wielding her knife, it’s time to find the courage to confront the truth and to walk away from whatever is no longer serving you. Either do it willingly or as Carl Jung told us: ”When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as Fate”. If you collaborate with this energy by voluntarily cutting away outworn ties, habits and situations, this passage can be very empowering. The material losses you incur around the South Node of Fate take you face to face back with the reality of spirit. The Earth Grand Trine between Uranus, Venus and Jupiter eases and grounds any changes you are moved to make.

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