There is a field of possibilities where you and your future meet. This is where I work. I invite you to come and join me. It's your time and your Agenda. It's all about you.

Fire Starter Reading

Together we’ll : identify what’s dead in the water + explore strategies to monetise and sustain your creative edge of potential between now and the end of 2018 - a year of profoundly radical personal shifts.

It's 60 minutes all about you. You will go away with a map for your future plus exact timings so that you can make informed choices and decisions based on your unique astrology combined with master coaching
If you're feeling stuck, learn when the tides will change, as well as how to maximise current possibilities.
If things are moving too fast, develop strategies to avoid overwhelm and gain insight into the deeper implications.

The understanding you gain from our work together is practical, strategic, and empowering. Whether you're at a crossroads, a fork in the road or a time of great potential disguised as challenge, I will give you precise dates plus your time-line for the coming year so that you can make better decisions . Re-frame what's possible for you, understand the big picture and take away immediately useful ways to refresh your vision and your goals.


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"Namaste Lorna, I want to thank you for your super great navigation system, which helped me so much getting through the treats, the turbulence, tribulation and the triumphs of 2017! and all to the extremest degrees!" Sarah E Berlin

” I just wanted to send my gratitude for all your wonderfully profound insights and advice, during our Fire Starter consultation on 20 Oct! Every word felt so relevant, and went deep into my psyche. So this is my message of gratitude to you, for helping me understand my own sense of dilemma, and the sense of  “lurking urgency to set a course” so clearly, and my finally feeling able to give myself permission to go ahead with what now feels like the correct choice of direction. I will be booking another consultation with you, in Spring 2018. I have a feeling that more developments will be coming along, for which I’ll want to further consult with you, by then. Once again, thank you from my heart, for your wise counsel!
Peace & blessings to you,
Patricia L, Washington USA

"Thank you so very much for your reading of my birth chart, and our conversation about it earlier today.  To say it resonated with me is really a profound understatement. I'd love to book some more time with you, to focus more on what you called my 'big existential challenge', with a view to decoding how the transitional planets and the new dwarf planets can assist me on my life journey, over the coming months.Thank you again, for all the ways that  what you shared is enriching my evolutionary journey - I'm looking forward to spending more time with you." Deb S, Ontario Canada