The Ancient Art of Astrology +  the Modern Art of Master Coaching

"There is a field of possibilities where you and your future meet. This is where I work. I invite you to come and join me."

 It's your time and your Agenda. It's all about you.

Book a 60 minute  One to One Phone Reading to map your future and discover your personal  weather forecast so you can work creatively with your current cycles    
30 minute One to One Phone Reading for answers to any important issue   

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What  You'll Get from an Astrology Reading
Perspective : Timing is everything!
Timing is everything, and one of the most valuable insights that astrology offers is an understanding of the rhythm of life's unfolding patterns. If you're feeling stuck, learn when the tides will change, as well as how to maximise current possibilities. If things are moving too fast, develop strategies to avoid overwhelm and gain insight into the deeper implications. The understanding you gain from our work together is practical, strategic, and empowering. Whether you're at a crossroads, a fork in the road or a time of great potential disguised as challenge, I will give you precise dates plus a practical map of your future time-line so that you can make better decisions and orient them around your unique astrology.
Vision :  Learn  how to re-frame what's happening to you, take a wider perspective and go away with  immediately useful ways to refresh your vision

"Namaste Lorna,I want to thank you for your super great navigation system, which helped me so much getting through the treats, the turbulence, tribulation and the triumphs of 2016! and all to the extremest degrees!" Sarah E Berlin

Or choose Transformational Coaching  to guide you through an extended time of transiton. Whether you are searching for your purpose or for success on your own terms, we'll focus on the big issues in your life and create options for your best outcomes, tapping into opportunities, resources and possibilities that are right under your nose. Coaching is perfect if you feel stuck or confused about  your direction, yet are committed to creating positive change for yourself and for anyone who has chosen a new direction, but wants to be supported, guided, and challenged to move forward.  Coaching pairs deep learning with action so that you actually see measurable results in your life. You upgrade your thinking. You set compelling goals. You
re-tool so you can thrive in uncertain times. You move towards a more authentic version of yourself.

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"Wow! Thank you!  I have been in a state of renewed awakening since our  coaching conversation yesterday.  Absorbing, reflective, excited, deeply breathing long signs of complete relief that I have these insights.
With gratitude" Cathy I, Oregon, USA

"Thank you very much for all your help and support this year.  Your posts and our regular coaching calls have made a huge difference and helped me really appreciate the here and now. I have definitely found my Mo Jo, inner happiness and peace that have been missing for a long while (doesn't help that I've been searching for answers outside, rather than within!). Love and thanks" Jo W, Winchester, UK

"Just a note to say thank you so much for the consultation yesterday, very insightful, so many 'coincidences'. just what I needed and a great boost on the road of this journey!! Thanks again for your fabulous work!" Sarah D., Valais, Switzerland

" I am so grateful that I found you and I thank you for your time today.I'm having some quiet time and reviewing my notes from my session.It's a very delicate time in my life and your generosity with your spirit,advice and love was wonderful and happily received.Thank you!" Beth M, USA

"You are my support and lifeline ... a true gem!"
Kathleen S E, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the help you've given me. I think you're brilliant! When I started talking to you my life was a mess and you have helped me so much. The Birth Chart Report you sent me was so accurate I was stunned and during the telephone counselling, it almost seems you're telepathic. The number of times you say something to me that I was just thinking is amazing. I will be in touch with you for a long time." Julie C, Hampshire, UK