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14 - 21 January 2018

    14 January - Sun square Uranus
15 January - Sun square Haumea
16 January - New Moon 26° Capricorn
Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith
17 January - Venus enters Aquarius
19 January - Sun enters Aquarius
                         Mars opposite Sedna
21 January - Pholus enters Capricorn

Transformation means Business

For the first time since May 2000 when there was an unprecedented stellium of 7 planets in Taurus, there is another rare celestial gathering, this time in Capricorn - Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, Quaoar and Pholus - at the New Moon at 26° Capricorn on Tuesday 16th January. This is the culmination of 7 weeks of massive akashic clearing before we see an uplevelling of purpose and overwriting of old patterns.

At the New Moon the Moon will cross these planets and points one after the other aspecting Mars/Jupiter, Chiron, Eris/Uranus, Haumea and Sedna. You could call it an alchemical brew, a cosmic cocktail that when you drink it, sends you tumbling down the rabbit hole. Because this New Moon is so potent, broadcasting on such a new frequency that it delivers us to a world axis New Moon conjunct Chiron, at 29° Pisces on March 17. That new beginning marks Chiron's journey over the world axis, which will take the entire year to complete. Every planet is moving direct and the cardinal T square between the Capricorn planets and the newly activated Eris/Uranus/Haumea light bridge is taking us on to completely new ground through the eclipses of January 31st and February 15th.

The new cycle of Mercury/Saturn then Saturn /Makemake is going to deliver a series of reckonings and reminders of the natural and eternal laws.The Capricorn frequency is where Matter meets Mystery - where reality and the world beyond the world blend together. Think: stony ground, rugged mountains, boundaries, hard work, discipline, politics, rules, the banking system, politics. Then think: mastery, the path of the initiate, self- agency, shamanic powers of soul retrieval. As this heavy hitting New Moon aligns with Chiron, the way between Saturn and Uranus- between earthbound laws and the higher Self- will appear. The medicine is always found near the poison.

The Chandra Symbol for the New Moon :
Capricorn 27: A long mirrored hallway lit with candles

“Seeing lucidly where we are going, where we are coming from and why. Being granted a second sight to accompany our own journey through the world with a sharp gaze which pierces all appearances and reveals what is ordinarily both obscure and confusing. Almost riveted to the spot in rapt fascination at what is seen and what is revealed. Able to go just about anywhere, but typically transfixed by the implication, the reverberation, to a point of perhaps just witnessing and observing with inward open eyes.

Especially keen to discover what is most vital and essential and holding to this line of inquiry and of realization. Not wishing to waste any time or effort with secondary factors. Driven by purpose, meaning, value. Caught in a paradox. Do we go higher or deeper, forward or backward, and can we really sense which is which? For the fascination lies in whatever lights up ahead. Yet there are myriad influences at work. Can we differentiate between that which will offer us a progressive greater path through and beyond and that which will deter us in the old karmic places a good long while?
If we cannot, then it will turn out that those ancient places will light up afresh, and provide the key to the journey until they are worked through completely. Such passages or cycles, brief or extended, have a theme and an inner power to them which is so immense that any further journeying might seem for a while out of the question and not to be attempted this time around. Yet strangely, all of this can turn rapidly at a key juncture into an opening going straight for the heights. No turn of the spiral is entirely consuming. It is just too familiar and already-known somehow. Yet just around that bend, the Infinite abides, and watches closely, awaiting its cue."

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