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Lorna you have a gifted way with words of wisdom... thank you for your stellar perspective... you are helping a lot of people navigate these momentous times
- Michael Corley - USA

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"This might be the most jaw-dropping, powerful writing I've ever read, and that is saying a LOT! Thank you for your expertise, your wisdom, and your ongoing guidance for these challenging times. Blessings! "Beth O, Carolina, USA


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Your 2019-20 Fire Starter Reading :
Together we identify what’s dead in the water and explore strategies to monetise and sustain your leading edge of potential between now and the start of 2020 – 12 months of profoundly radical personal shifts.
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2019-20  Fire Starter Coaching:
It’s a time of huge transition for all of us. If the old ways are no longer working, join me to create options for your best outcomes,tapping into resources, opportunities and possibilities that are right under your nose. Re-tool to thrive in uncertain times.

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This is your handbook to yourself, illustrated with your full colour birth chart. Your birth chart demystified to help you live your optimal life.If you're serious about using astrology, you need this. It will guide you for the rest of your life.

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How compatible are you and your partner? Have you a long term future? What are the potentials in this relationship? Uses the Birth Charts of both people.

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Your birth chart brought into the 21st century with the centaurs and black holes revealing your purpose and your emotional and spiritual gifts.This is visionary astrology for a quantum age

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