20 - 27 January 2019

(21 May - 20 June)

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February 2019 5D Astrology Report : Your  Maverick is Your Power

As a Gemini you have wind beneath your wings as Venus meets Jupiter in your opposite sign, boosting opportunities for new growth just a Super Moon eclipse changes your sense of personal security. For the next 18 months, events on your axis of resources and money will bring important questions to the surface: Am I underestimating or undervaluing my skills? What are my talents/gifts/skills/resources that can support me? This eclipse cycle rifles through the taboo topics of your life: money, attitude toward possessions, sexuality, your intimate relations. First, you need to strip away inessentials-anything that is cluttering your space or costing too much, anyone who undermines your self-confidence.

Creating a new sense of safety and sanctuary.

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