20 - 27 January 2019

(23 July - 22 August)

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February 2019 5D Astrology Report : Your  Maverick is Your Power

For you as a Leo, this week’s Super Moon lunar eclipse marks the end of a turbulent 17-month period that began at the Great American eclipse in August 2017.It’s been a time of changing your sense of identity, of breaking free from outgrown relationships and ties that kept you bound and of becoming more of a team player. From Monday, your focus will be on adaption and retreat. Adaptation because you now have to adjust to a new set of circumstances which nudge you to go back and look at how you arrived at where you are and whether it’s really where you want to be. Eclipses across your 12th House are times when dreams, memories and reflection give you more insights than your rational mind. It’s the deepest part of your chart - the engine room of your unconscious. Take some time to retreat, away from the demands of everyday life, to a quiet sanctuary and allow your body, mind and spirit some much needed rest.

Avoiding burnout through mindfulness and self-care.

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