20 - 27 January 2019

(23 August - 22 September)

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February 2019 5D Astrology Report : Your  Maverick is Your Power

The one thing that is certain is that it’s going to be fast paced week bringing news and events that could prompt you to suddenly switch course. As a Virgo, your optimism and motivation is high courtesy of both Venus and Jupiter in your angle of home, roots and belonging. You have a solid base to rely on. Monday’s Super Moon eclipse is the start of 18 months of creativity and contribution. You’re readying yourself to claim and express your most authentic self and to put yourself out there to be seen. Whatever your way of making a difference, look for clues to a vision or a dream that fits right into a collective current. Claim your talents and personal truths by overriding old fears of rejection or failure.

Your passion is your niche and your USP.

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