20 - 27 January 2019

(22 December - 19 January)

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February 2019 5D Astrology Report : Your  Maverick is Your Power

Monday’s Super Moon eclipse begins an entirely new cycle in your personal life. You probably read the runes at the January 6th solar eclipse and know that your sign is “undergoing reconstruction”. This week sets off a 6-month train of events that underlines the importance of knowing where you stand on the axis of self and other- are you overly independent, co-dependent or interdependent? Do you tend to operate as a lone ranger or to be a team player? There’s an issue about how others see you and how you see yourself -if there’s a gap, how can you reconcile the difference? Look at your personal style and notice how well it’s working for you. In a year of contractive reality checking energy, the quality of your alliances with friends, partners, clients and family will make the difference that makes the difference.

Putting rapport building at the top of your agenda.

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