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If you are a creative, way shower or change agent, Lorna's acclaimed monthly 5D Astrology Reports are written especially for you. Her Reports are only available to paid subscribers and not published anywhere else online. To make sure you don't miss out on a cutting edge blend of 5D astrology, transformational coaching and new paradigm thinking,  buy a subscription here.
This might be the most jaw-dropping, powerful writing I've ever read, and that is saying a LOT! Thank you for your expertise, your wisdom, and your ongoing guidance for these challenging times. Blessings! Beth O, Carolina, USA

Breathtaking! Excellent! I am planning to re-read your 5D Report several times. I plan to print it out and put it on the fridge so I can never forget it. Thanks! Victoria S, Sweden

If you have not subscribed to her mail list, do it -- her reports are the best I have ever encountered. Lori Ann Lothian The Awakened Dreamer

Lorna, the 5D Report is so amazing and I will refer to it to continue rising in these wild and crazy times, thank you so much for sharing your gifts! Powerful and healing with direction and inspiration! Thank you! Tammy Oneil Downs USA

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There are times I read your 5D Reports and I know that I am not insane. 😰 It is a challenge at times to go through this process of transitioning like this with the body. 
So thank you for your confirmations, inspirations and oodles of wonderful insights and information. B Schmid, Germany

Lorna, the support I get from your 5D Reports is such a gift for my life. It's worth much more than the monthly contribution I send you. All I can say is your knowledge alongside your gifted insights and ways of interpreting and expressing it are extremely valuable. Thank you. Linda  B, Sydney,  Australia

Hello Lorna,

Thank you. All your 5D Reports are so in-depth informative and mind-blowing that the work you do in the world cannot be overestimated.

Irina L Switzerland

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Wow! I got shivers all over me while reading this newsletter. You have written with such power and authority - in alignment with the new energy! I am on pause, waiting to see what the eclipses bring... Meghan F, Maine, USA

One of the best decisions I've made in a long time is subscribing to your 5D report - it is a balm for my heart and soul, and helps me feel calm in the face of uncertainty. Beautiful, important work. Thank you. Sally m Tucson Arizona

Your 5D reports are mind-blowing! And they also match up with everything else I am reading on these matters. My life radically altered in 2016 and I know I am definitely being shifted to align with the energies you speak of. Thank you so much for your cosmic messages. I truly value them. Meagan R, California

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