Fire Starter Transformational Coaching

You set the agenda
You choose the frequency of your sessions
You pay session by session
You decide as we go along how many sessions you need to make the changes you want

The way to get different results is to upgrade the quality of your thinking. Together we will explore your growing edge; we’ll identify what’s dead in the water and explore strategies to monetise and sustain your creative potential between now and the end of 2019 - a year of profoundly radical personal shifts .I use my extensive training, skills, intuition and experience of Master Coaching to uncover your resistances, the ways you block yourself, so that you discover where you and your future meet. Together we'll focus on the big issues and create options for your best outcomes, tapping into resources,opportunities and possibilities that are right under your nose.

Discover how to know when to be still and rest,when to pulse forward into action,when to build and structure and when to turn up the heat and let things transform. How to set compelling goals and drop them into your future time-line.How to re-tool to thrive in uncertain times. Get measurable results through ongoing personal learning combined with fieldwork between sessions. 


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"Wow! Thank you!  I have been in a state of renewed awakening since our  coaching conversation yesterday.  Absorbing, reflective, excited, deeply breathing long signs of complete relief that I have these insights.
With gratitude" Cathy I, Oregon, USA

"Thank you very much for all your help and support this year.  Your posts and our regular coaching calls have made a huge difference and helped me really appreciate the here and now. I have definitely found my Mo Jo, inner happiness and peace that have been missing for a long while (doesn't help that I've been searching for answers outside, rather than within!). Love and thanks" Jo W, Winchester, UK

"I can't begin to tell you the difference you have made in my life.  Although I will miss our sessions now they're complete, I believe that I have made a huge leap and am moving forward in a more purposeful way.
Thank you for every single conversation as our sessions became my way of communicating back to base camp.  
I very much appreciate your intuition and feel very grateful to have worked with you for as long as we did."
C Portland USA

"Just a note to say thank you so much for the consultation yesterday, very insightful, so many 'coincidences'. just what I needed and a great boost on the road of this journey!! Thanks again for your fabulous work!" Sarah D., Valais, Switzerland

" I am so grateful that I found you and I thank you for your time today.I'm having some quiet time and reviewing my notes from my session.It's a very delicate time in my life and your generosity with your spirit,advice and love was wonderful and happily received.Thank you!" Beth M, USA