About Lorna Bevan   M.A.  MAPAI       

Variously described as a visioneer,a creative disruptor, a life guide and a change maker ,my passion is to blend the tools of Visionary Astrology and Transformational Coaching to help you to connect with your inner world so that you can transform your outer world.  I offer clients a unique mix of skills as a qualified Psychological Astrologer, Jungian Psychotherapist and Master NLP Coach via my international Hare in the Moon Astrology practice. Based in rural Hampshire in the UK, I'm available for phone consultations and coaching worldwide combining the ancient art of astrology with the modern art of personal coaching. 

I've had a varied career as a Modern Languages Teacher, a Management Development Consultant, a Counselling Clinician at Personal Performance Consulting Worldwide, a Personal and Career Coach and Psychotherapist. My passion for
astrology and psychotherapy started in hospital when, ill with cancer, I had an epiphany when I was given a book about Carl Jung "The Wisdom of the Dream" and began to study Psychological Astrology in the Swiss Huber School in Zurich followed by a 3 year Postgraduate Psychosynthesis training in London. I left my career as a management consultant and set up my own psychotherapy and astrology practice.
I work with clients across the world by phone and e-mail  .
  • Qualified with a Diploma in Psychological Astrology from API (Zurich). Currently taking a Master's Degree in Analytical Astrology.
  •  I’m a Jungian  Psychotherapist and Master Coach highly qualified in NLP and Psychosynthesis .
  • I'm the author of " Bringing Your Astrology into the 21st Century- the 5D Planets" -available as an Ebook in the Shop
  • I'm a  former Consultant Astrologer for The Sunday Times Magazine
  • I write for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency as Agent 98 , for Wake Up World, for Daykeeper Journal and Infinity Magazine
  • I tailor my Astrology Coaching to you as a unique individual. You can benefit from my wide experience working with individuals and large firms providing Business and Personal coaching .
  • My professional experience encompasses Astrology Consulting, Career and Personal Coaching, Counselling Psychotherapy, Management Consulting, Employee Counselling for Corporate Businesses .
  • I am a Member of the Association of Professional International Astrologers,  The Astrological Association UK,  MBACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ).
  • I work to the BACP and APAI code and all sessions are completely confidential.


  • Diploma Psychological Astrology (Zurich)
  • Master's Degree (Management)
  • BA ( Hons ) Modern Languages
  • Postgraduate Diploma Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
  • Master NLP Coach
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Certificate Therapeutic Counselling
  • Accredited Firework Career Coach