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We all have and have had hard knocks


We all have and have had hard knocks - truly gutting ones - yet many do not speak of them, they are busy making new life. Do like-wise.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

A heads up! Taking on rocket fuel to boost your trajectory into 2020…….

Warrior Mars is sparking off both change agents Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. In the mundane 3D world this will manifest as volatility, aggression, power over and high stakes risk taking, but from a 5D meta perspective, it’s the moment to focus like a laser on your intentions for 2020. This is a super potent boost of momentum, life force and Will -not willpower but skilful Will.

The message is flashing in neon lights. This is a new chapter. It is not a rehearsal.

The single most important thing you can do in the 8 weeks between now and the epochal January 12 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction, is to re-set to your own True North and give form to whatever you are developing or creating. If you can’t, then it’s time to throw away the old blueprint and start again, conserving and concentrating your resources.

Despite the harsh backdrop of the relentless dismantling, volatile world, it’s time to start laying sustainable foundations for creating new life out of the ashes and rubble of what has collapsed in the last 3 years.

What you think of as your highest, wildest and least likely goals are the ones that you will tap into first. You’ve been processing them for a long time; you’ve been restless and curious and working toward an idea of what you want. It’s as if you’ve taken most of the steps and now you’re about to be met by something travelling to you from the opposite direction. There are unrecovered talents, gifts and wisdom there.

What shifts in your direction and thinking are you aware of?
Is the trajectory you’re on still alive and still relevant? How do you know?
How can you quickly build new, more solid foundations - time, money, resources?
How specifically are you becoming self-supporting?
Where are you still uncommitted to what calls you - half in and half out?
What do you still need to junk and what do you need to invest in and ignite?
What is working? Not working?

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Your 5D Report this month is off the charts!!! What an amazingly accurate, heartfelt, out of the box presentation that hits home at the core. Thank you infinitely!!! “ Indira K, Santa Rosa, California.

Steve Monks