Hare in The Moon

Fire Starter Master Coaching


Fire Starter Master Coaching


You value and benefit from the fresh insights and clarity that comes from idea-jamming with a thought-and-inspiration partner who gets it …
You’re experiencing life-altering, non-negotiable change or transformation …
You are a transformation seeder, change catalyst, horizon-edge walker, and/or “creative nonconformist” looking for new clarity, vision, and purpose …
You’re at the edges of or experiencing “transformation fatigue” or “change-agent burnout”

YOU set the agenda
YOU pay session by session
YOU decide as we go, how many sessions you need to make the changes you want

Coaching with Lorna helps you to:

  • Refresh your sense of meaning, purpose, the vision that pulls you

  • More skillfully navigate these big changes and epic transformation cycles

  • Avoid or recover from transformation fatigue and change-agent burnout

  • Communicate more skilfully, gracefully, and effectively — with yourself and others

  • Explore your questions, possibilities and adventures

    Together we tap into your innate wisdom and resourcefulness which leads you to an inspired sense of your own possibility, power and potential.
    Together we devise strategies to monetise and sustain your creative potential between now and the end of 2020 - a year of profoundly radical personal shifts.
    Together we focus on the big issues and create options for your best outcomes, tapping into resources,opportunities and possibilities that are right under your nose.
    Get measurable results through ongoing personal learning combined with fieldwork between sessions.





I just wanted to say how grateful I am for our coaching sessions so far. They are so insightful, inspirational and life affirming. They really do sky rocket me into action for myself and my business. Thank you - I feel very fortunate to be learning from your amazing wisdom. Looking forward to our next session.So many thanks.
— Elizabeth M London UK
Wow! Thank you! I have been in a state of renewed awakening since our coaching conversation yesterday. Absorbing, reflective, excited, deeply breathing long signs of complete relief that I have these insights.
With gratitude.
— Cathy I, Oregon, USA
Thank you very much for all your help and support this year. Your posts and our regular coaching calls have made a huge difference and helped me really appreciate the here and now. I have definitely found my Mo Jo, inner happiness and peace that have been missing for a long while (doesn’t help that I’ve been searching for answers outside, rather than within!). Love and thanks.
— Jo W, Winchester, UK
I can’t begin to tell you the difference you have made in my life. Although I will miss our sessions now they’re complete, I believe that I have made a huge leap and am moving forward in a more purposeful way.
Thank you for every single conversation as our sessions became my way of communicating back to base camp.
I very much appreciate your intuition and feel very grateful to have worked with you for as long as we did.
— C Portland USA

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