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We were made for these times


We were made for these times ……. for years, we have been learning, practicing, been in training for and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We’re now in a watershed moment - a watershed month - which is perfectly prefiguring the approaching watershed year of 2020.

A heads up! Be aware that the October 10-15th seismic storm window of Sunday’s explosive Aries Full Moon activates today just as Mercury enters his retrograde shadow opposite volatile Uranus and Mars lights the blue touch paper on the Super Galactic Centre.

Evolution can hurt physically and in every other way too. When wildly higher frequency evolutionary Light energies, energy Waves, increased solar photonic radiation, new codes, consciousness and DNA come into physical contact with a lower frequency physical human body with a matching frequency ego, it causes not only physical pain but psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic pain too. Not only is your physical body being repeatedly affected by higher Light energies continually pushing Universal, personal and collective across the-cosmic-board evolution, but everything else is experiencing this too- cultures, societies, global belief systems, religious belief systems, financial systems and beliefs, political, governmental - but each time by higher and higher new frequency energies.

Paradoxically, this level of awakening requires so much sleep, essential to allow the rewriting of form to occur. Acclimatise to your new energy flow by attuning to whatever your body needs – perhaps a few knock-out days followed by very physically active ones. Drink lots of water.

As the outer world polarises beyond anything you’ve experienced before, frame it as walking the razor’s edge between two lines of force-between Saturn/Pluto’s soul crunching contraction, collapse and destruction of the way things used to be and the Seeding of the New. Paradoxically, both vectors are necessary, both are liberating us from the individual trance of hopelessness and helplessness into the beginnings of progressive collective collaboration. The seemingly endless, brutal systems collapse along with the wakeup call of climate disaster is catalysing a global rebellion which will grow and grow.

This the shift from being a 3D Reactor to a 4D Witness to a 5D Generator, from being at effect to being at cause.

Q: Now that my old maps have disappeared, what new strategies do I seem to be navigating by?
Q: Now that I’ve stopped struggling, striving, seeking, and searching, what new freedom have I discovered?
Q: As I continue to shed what I am not, stripping back to essentials, what is the greatest surprise and gift?
Q: Since I stopped linear planning and trying to control the uncontrollable, where in my life have I noticed the next step just appearing in front of me?
Q: As I open to the possibilities in the collective chaos, instead of focusing on what I’ve lost, what is sparking my interest, summoning me to explore further?

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Steve Monks