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we’re not talking a self-improvement project


Thing is, we’re not talking a self-improvement project; that was only the gateway. We are being used. By Spirit. One way or the other, we go consciously now or we are abducted. So it’s a great time to dive in.”Melissa La Flamme

The Sun enters Pluto’s sign of Scorpio/Serpens today guiding you through the Burning Fields without a vibrational roof, threading light between the old and new realities……trying to track and follow the emerging pathways. Our Light crosses the Via Combusta -the Fiery Way – the degrees between 15 Libra – 15 Scorpio. This will be a hazardous trip of edge walking, needing faith , grace and the urge to connect with something greater than yourself.

Solaris is aligning with the Shapley Super Cluster, one of the most massive objects known at 2 degrees Scorpio on October 21st, meaning that the central body in the solar system is matching agendas with the one of the largest, most compelling galactic devices known. Shapley 8 is the steering mechanism behind the Great Attractor, the Galactic Centre and ultimately the course of our solar system. This body is so massive its gravity bends light around it, such that we can virtually see around it.

Esoterically, the 9 Tests of Scorpio we face during our crossing of the deep unfathomable waters of the plutonic unconscious until November 21st will build resistance, resilience, re-connection and regeneration –symbolised by the Phoenix rising from the ashes. This is an alchemical process: from the waters of unconscious – the Solutio – to the fires of renewal – the Calcinatio.

Frame it as being stripped down, stripped back, stripped away, in order to reconnect with the 2020 Primary Timelines -a very strong vibration; needing consistent intention to resonate with them. We are being blasted with influxes of pure photonic, Source-encoded, reality-shifting light. This enhances the pull of the high-heart and heart centre.

Watch in neutrality as the Primary Timelines disentangle you from deleted realities, by overwriting the denser experiences of past, present, and future, eradicating old agreements and New Age distortions such as dabbling in spirituality that seeks only the Light; believing you can/or should hold energies for the planet; “Service as Saviour /Healer” that burns you out; striving to be “more/improved/ evolved”; struggling not to feel your feelings.

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Steve Monks