Hare in The Moon

Weekly star signs




13 -20 October 2019


(20 April - 20 May)

The annual Full Moon in your 12th House-the deepest part of your chart- signals a time to step back, retreat a little and listen to that inner voice which is always one step ahead of you. With both Pluto and the Node of Fate at your back and awakener Uranus in Taurus aligned with Saturn, archetype of your potential, something new and inspiring has your name on it. It’s been nudging you for quite a while to get your attention and now it’s insistent. Ask yourself: “If everything is up for grabs and nothing is a given, what would I want to create in the world and how would I go about creating it?” Just let the answer bubble up from your unconscious-don’t analyse it or ignore it. Let it percolate and simmer. In the weeks to come you will find yourself living it out, one step at a time.

Let those hidden maverick qualities and innovative ideas out to play.

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Sara Qualter